Climbers' Festival Waiver


In consideration of my participation in the International Climbers’ Festival, to be held July 8-12, 2015 in Lander, Wyoming (“event”) and all activities associated therewith, the undersigned for myself, my personal representatives, heirs, next of kin, spouse, and assigns DO HEREBY:

1.        Release, Discharge and Covenant Not To Sue the International Climbers’ Festival, Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance,  their sponsors and each of their respective affiliated companies and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, Trustees, contractors, employees, shareholders and insurers,  including, without limitation, any sponsor of the Event (all collectively referred to herein as

“Releasees”) from any and all claims, loss, liability, damages, or expense related to the Event in any way, arising out of 1) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of Releases, or any of them, or any other person; 2) failure or malfunction of any equipment or vehicle or 3) any other cause whatsoever, which may cause me injury, death, damages of any kind, delay, inconvenience or property damage.

2.        Understand that participation in this Event can present hazards and danger of injury.  My participation is voluntary and I Voluntarily Elect to Accept All Risks connected with my participation in the Event.

3.        Acknowledge that I am familiar with any equipment I may be using, or will become familiar with it prior to use, and the safety and warning aspects of such equipment, and I will comply with these.  I ASSUME ALL RISK for myself and assume all liability to others for such failure, and I HEREBY RELEASE Releasees, and each of them, for any failure or malfunction in the equipment or its inadequacy for the use I make of it.

4.        Represent that I know of no physical disorder which should keep me from participating in the Event and I agree that I AM SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for any and all injuries or harm that I may incur or cause in participating in the Event.

5.        Agree that this Agreement shall apply to any incident, injury, accident or death associated with the Event, and to any injury, accident, death, or damages occurring as a result of the Event any time after the execution of this Agreement.

6.        Agree that in the event any court finds any of the provisions of this Agreement unenforceable, then such court shall sever such unenforceable provision to the extent necessary to enforce the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

7. I grant ICF, CWCA, and partners the right to use and incorporate, in whole or in part, photographs or videos taken of myself and/or my child/children for use in materials and waive any right to royalties or other compensation related to use of photographs or videos. 

I have read this document.  I understand it is a release and waiver of all claims or rights to file a lawsuit or otherwise recover from releasees.  I understand i assume all risks inherent in the event and in the activities i will participate in. I have been given time to consider whether to sign this release and to review it with my own counsel and have either done so or voluntarily elected not to do so.  I have voluntarily signed my name showing that i accept the above provisions. I hereby convenant to indemnify, defend and hold releasees, and each of them, harmless from and against any claim, loss, liability or expense (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs which releasees or any of them, may incur) releasees, may incur in connection with the event or arising out of my activities, including claims of others arising out of my conduct.


Dolomite Dash Waiver

I, ____________________ acting for myself and, (if applicable) as the legal parent or guardian of ______________ (name and age of participating minor) hereby release sponsors and organizers of the Dolomite Dash Trail Run from any claims for damages or injuries suffered as a result of my and/or my child’s/children’s participation in this event and waive any claim that I or my child/children might have against the sponsors and organizers for damages arising out of or in any way relating to my or my child’s/children’s participation in this event. I hereby consent to and permit and accept the responsibility for emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness suffered by myself and/or my child/children. I grant Elemental Training Center, Inc. dba Elemental Performance + Fitness the right to use and incorporate, in whole or in part, photographs or video taken of myself and/or my child/children for use in Elemental Training Center, Inc. dba Elemental Performance + Fitness materials and waive any right to royalties or other compensation related to use of those photographs or videos.