2019 Athletes

Volker Schoffl, Craig DeMartino, Kitty Calhoun, James Edward Mills, Kris Hampton, Brittany Griffith, Kate Rutherford, Tommy Caldwell, Elaina Arenz, Chelsea Rude, Eric Horst, Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Galvan, Jessa Goebel, Kai Lightner, Marcus Garcia, Dru Mack, Colette McInerney, Molly Mitchell, Shingo Ohkawa, Becky Switzer, Jonathan Siegrist, Matt Segal, Ben Rueck and more…

2018 Athletes

Peter Croft, Nina Williams, Paul Piana, Angie Payne, Chelsea Rude, Lauren Callaway, Shingo Ohkawa, Kitty Calhoun, Ben Rueck, Jon Cardwell, Sam Magro, Matt Segal, Sam Elias, Wade Spiner, Kate Rutherford, Anne Gilbert, and more...

2018 Keynote

Peter Croft: 

First 1 day linkup of El Cap and Half Dome
First solo of Rostrum and Astroman
First one day linkup of the Nose and Salathe routes on El Cap
First free ascent of Moonlight Buttress in Zion
First ascent of the Evolution traverse in Sierras
First ascent of Airstream on the Incredible Hulk in the Sierras

Nina Williams

Nina is a professional climber originally based out of Rhode Island. She began her career at the age of 12 in the gym, training with a team and competing on a local and national level. She loved climbing outdoors in the woods of New England, but eventually moved West in her early twenties.
Nina spent 8 years in Colorado, focusing on bouldering competitions and expanding her outdoor resume. She continued training in the gym while making numerous visits to Joe’s Valley and Hueco, as well as several trips to Rocklands in South Africa. After achieving her first V13, her attention shifted towards the mental aspects of climbing. She explored the realm of highball bouldering with ascents such as Footprints (V9), Evilution Direct (V11), and Ambrosia (V11) in Bishop, CA. She also began learning the skill-sets for traditional climbing after her first visit to Yosemite, eventually testing herself on the West Face of El Capitan (5.11) and The Final Frontier (5.13b) on Fifi Buttress.

Paul Piana

Paul Piana is recognized as one of America's most influential rock climbers, authors and motivational speakers. From the Enormocast, "Paul spent the 80s and 90s defining big free climbing along with his intrepid partner, Todd Skinner. These cowboys shirked tradition and set new standards for big rock climbs all over the continent, hemisphere, and world. Paul talks about his upbringing as the descendent of immigrants, his Wyoming roots, and his storied relationship with one of the all time greats, Todd Skinner. Above all, Paul proved himself to be the steadiest of partners from start to finish." You can listen here.

Angie Payne

Angie Payne, pro climber and photographer. From an interview with Training Beta, "

She won three ABS National Championships and two PCA competitions during the 2003-2004 season. Over the next six years, Angie stood atop more than ten podiums as a top 3 finisher in bouldering competitions.

She doesn’t just crush inside, though — Angie has been a trailblazer among female climbers on boulders outside, too. Between 2004 and 2010, Payne did first female ascents of 17 V10-V12 boulder problems.

In 2010, after climbing European Human Being (video) V12 and No More Greener Grasses V12, Angie completed The Automator (video), becoming the first woman in the world to climb a confirmed V13. These accomplishments earned her two Climbing Magazine Golden Piton honorable mentions and the 2007 Everest Award in Women’s Bouldering." 

Come see Angie's Photography at the Art Crawl and trade Fair, and listen to her speak at our Keynote event. Listen to the Training Beta podcast here. 


2017 Athletes

Tommy Caldwell, Inge Perkins, Alex Johnson, Nathaniel Coleman, Matty Hong, Delany Miller, Joe Kinder, Micah Rush, Jon Cardwell, Diego Lopez Montull and more are teaching clinics!


2017 Keynote Speakers

Joe Kinder                   Hazel Findlay

Tommy Caldwell                 Matty Hong        

                Pamela Shanti-Pack         Nathaniel Coleman                 



2016 Keynote Speakers


 Steph Davis

Sam Elias

Sonnie Trotter 

Matt Segal

Chelsea Rude

Jon Cardwell





  • 2006 – Sonnie Trotter / Mike Anderson

  • 2005 – Lynn Hill

  • 2004 – Timmy O’Neil

  • 2003 – Todd Skinner and Paul Piana

  • 2002 – Steph Davis

  • 2001 – Dean Potter

  • 2000 – Barry Blanchard

  • 1999 – Galen Rowell / Conrad Anker

  • 1998 – Randy Leavitt / Greg Child

  • 1997 – Alex Lowe / Lynn Hill

  • 1996 – Jerry Moffatt / Doug Robinson

  • 1995 – Royal Robbins

  • 1994 – Todd Skinner and Paul Piana / Bobbi Bensman

  • 2015 - Ethan Pringle, Hayden Kennedy, Alex Johnson, Hans Florine, Elad, Omer, Carlo Traversi

  • 2014 - Lynn Hill, Sasha Diguilian, John Long, Angie Payne, Alex Honnald, Conrad Anker, Paige Claassen, Timmy O'Neill

  • 2013 – Tommy Caldwell, Timmy O’Neil, Emily Harrington, Cedar Wright, Erica Wynn, and Henry Barber

  • 2012 – Royal Robbins, Kevin Jorgeson, and Kate Rutherford

  • 2011 – Jonathan Siegrist

  • 2010 – Jason Kehl

  • 2009 – Joe Kinder

  • 2008 – Dave Macleod / Chris Lindner

  • 2007 – Todd Skinner Tribute