2016 Schedule is below - 2017 coming soon!


Wednesday - to and from the Boulder Bash

Thursday - to and from the Access Fund Trail Day

Friday - to and from clinics at Wild Iris 

Saturday - to and from the parking area past Limestone Mountain (Beaver Creek) to the Crag Breakfast and Clinics 

* Please see Travel and Transit for more details*

Wednesday, July 13

  • 10am-5pm - FESTIVAL REGISTRATION AND TICKET PICK UP - Wild Iris Mountain Sports Store.
  • 10am-12pm- BREAKFAST BURRITOS WILL BE SOLD BY MAD FLATTERS - Wild Iris Mountain Sports Store.
  • 5pm-7pm - OUTDOOR RESEARCH PRESENTS LEGENDS AND LORE - Hear first hand from the legends of WY climbing themselves. Paul Piana, Kris Hampton, Savannah Cummins, and Sam Lightner. Beer by UPSLOPE, prizes by OUTDOOR RESEARCH, food by ESSENCE OF LIFE FOOD TRUCK.
  • 7pm-9pm - LANDER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - LANDER LIVE EVENT - Concert in Jaycee park. Artist Sister Sparrow
  • 8pm-11pm - GOAL ZERO AND FIVE TEN PRESENT THE BOULDER BASH - Cabin Boulders. Jon Cardwell, Chelsea Rude, Alex Johnson, and Chris Simmons.

Thursday, July 14

  • 9am-5pm - FESTIVAL REGISTRATION AND TICKET PICK UP - Wild Iris Mountain Sports Store.
  • 8am-2pm - ACCESS FUND AND TRANGO TRAIL DAY -  Meet in Lander City Park. Shuttle to two projects. 
  • DEMOS - Pick up: Lander City Park. Drop Off: Wild Iris store 3pm-5pm. 
  • 9am-2pm - CLINICS (Clinics open May 1st) - Meet in Lander City Park. Additional details coming soon. 
  • 12pm-12:45pm - YOGA WITH (TBA) - Ananda Yoga
  • 3pm-4pm - YOGA WITH - canceled 
  • 3pm-5pm - WRITERS CLINIC - Meet at Lander Bake shop. Panel, Julie Ellison, Sam Lightner, Steve Bechtel, Chris Kalman, Eric Horts. 
  • 5pm-7:30pm - CENTRAL BANK AND TRUST ART CRAWL - Start location and participating artists TBA.
  • 7pm-11pm - LA SPORTIVA OPENING PARTY - Lander Bar.
  • 7pm-8pm - *win the festival* PULL-UP COMP - Lander Bar
  • 8:30pm-11pm - MUSIC BY THE WHISKEY SHIVERS - Lander Bar. http://whiskeyshivers.com. 

Friday, July 15

  • 9am-3pm - REGISTRATION AND TICKET PICK UP - Wild Iris store. 
  • 9am-2pm - DEMOS. Pick up: Lander City Park 8am - 9am. Drop Off: To Brand next day or Sunday in the Park
  • 9am-2pm CLIMBING MAGAZINE PHOTO CLINIC (Clinics open May 1st.). Meet in Lander City Park. Additional Details Coming Soon. 
  • 9am-2pm - CLIMBING CLINICS (Clinics open May 1st.) - Meet in Lander City Park. Additional Details coming soon. 
  • 1pm-2pm - YOGA WITH Sylvia Carl - Lander City Park - Deep release neck and shoulders
  • 2pm-3pm - YOGA WITH Lydia Zamorano - Lander City Park. 
  • 2pm-6pm - TRADE FAIR, COMPS, AND RAFFLES - Lander City Park
  • 2pm-5pm - *win the festival* LONGEST BULL RIDE - Lander City Park
  • 3pm-4pm - PRANA FREE FOOD POWER HOUR - Lander City Park
  • 3pm-6pm - PATAGONIA WORN WEAR SWAP - Lander City Park. Bring your old clothes and trade refurbished new ones! 
  • 3pm-5pm - *win the festival* CRATE STACKING COMP - Lander City Park
  • 4pm-6pm - *win the festival* BEAM CARRY COMP - Lander City Park
  • 6pm-8pm - SCARPA DYNO COMP - Lander City Park
  • 9pm-11pm - MUSIC BY GuDA - Lander Bar

Saturday, July 16

  • REGISTRATION CLOSED - Remaining individual events can be paid for on site. 
  • 6am-10am - ELEMENTAL DOLOMITE DASH. PRIZES BY ADDIDAS - Wild Iris Crag - Runners park at Wild Iris * please leave room for emergency vehicle when parking on the side of the rd.
  • 8am-10am - PATAGONIA PROVISIONS SAMPLES - Wild Iris Crag
  • 9am-10am - YOGA WITH Lydia Zamorano- Wild Iris Crag
  • 10am-2pm - CLIMBING CLINICS - Wild Iris Crag - *Please arrive at 8:30 or 9 in the Beaver Creek Lot and take a shuttle up to Breakfast! 
  • Shuttle will run back down the hill to your car from 2pm-4pm. Rock Shop Clinics will meet in the Beaver Creek lot and CARPOOL!!!
  • 10am-2pm - DEMOS - Pick Up: Wild Iris Crag. Drop off: Sunday Morning in Lander City Park
  • 5pm-6pm - HAPPY HOUR AND ATHLETE SIGNING - Lander Community Center
  • 6pm-8pm - ADIDAS KEYNOTE SPEAKER SERIES - Lander Community Center
  • 8pm-8:30pm - CWCA SILENT AUCTION - Lander Community Center - All proceeds go to Youth Climbers in Lander Wyoming. 
  • 8:30pm-12am - CLOSING PARTY - Lander Bar
  • 9pm-11pm - MUSIC BY PECULIAR PATRIOTS - Lander Bar

Sunday, July 17 

  • 8am-10am - PRANA BACON AND COFFEE HOUR - Lander City Park
  • 9am-10:30am - Universal Yoga with Liz Lightner- Lander City Park
  • *Final shoe check in will be available*