Have the Best Fest!  


A few things about cragging in Lander:

  • Please use a leash! Who is going to watch your dog while your belaying or climbing? We know you love them, but be respectful of other visitors and keep your pooch in sight and out of others’ lunch bags.

  • In Sinks Canyon, there is actually a leash law in effect. Your unleashed pup is considered vermin. Tickets DO get written, and the more often this happens the less likely it is that climbing will continue. Please use the leashes provided at trail heads if you are bringing your dog to the crag.

  • Please pick up your dog’s feces.

  • Please don't climb red tagged climbs.

  • Be polite and respectful to hikers and other climbers who may be passing through. This includes keeping your noise level reasonable. Not everyone enjoys hearing your latest gossip or your tunes while outdoors.

  • Please use established restroom facilities wherever possible, and use a wag bag anywhere else. Go well away from trails and the base of climbs please, and NEVER leave any toilet paper on or under the surface!

  • Please pick up your trash and any you see left behind by others. Employ Leave No Trace practices at all times when outdoors!

  • If fire bans are in effect, do NOT smoke outside. Even if they aren’t, be considerate of others with your fumes.

  • Please enjoy the climbing and the community! We're glad you're here.