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Small Town WY

Small Town WY

Former CB&T Bank president and longtime Lander resident, Carl Huhnke sings high praise for the International Climbers Festival, Todd Skinner, NOLS, and the value of community.


 “It’s just the quality of people”, was Carl’s go-to phrase when I interviewed him about the Climber’s Fest in Lander.  It's a totally inclusive event that the whole town gets excited for, and people come from all over to be a part of.  

 Todd Skinner came to CB&T for a donation to run the first ICF back in 1993, and after a few minutes of talking to Todd and hearing about the community of people involved, Carl “just felt blessed to be a part of it”.  

 “If you look up and down Main street”, you will see many businesses started or run by past climbers and NOLS instructors.  “These people are leaders”, said Carl about the folks that came to Lander to climb and then stayed.

 The Climber’s Festival is now in its 24th year, and though Todd Skinner is no longer with us, the original spirit of adventure and community-oriented fun is alive and well in Lander!

 For more info about the history of the climber’s festival:

Thanks to Nick Knoke for this interview and video! @nickknoke for more photo and video