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#WornWear Wagon!!!!



Just in case you haven't looked too closely at the schedule we wanted to remind you that @patagonia is not hosting the clothing swap at this years Trade Fair. BUT, they are bringing the #WornWear Wagon! Check out what they have to say about it: 


We are getting in the #WornWear spirit! Check out the stories ripped and stained into Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll’s clothing. 



Dru Mack on Rhino Skin Solutions

Dru Mack is on the rise. Know for his constant psych and his ever increasing climbing prowis Dru is a boon to the climbing community.

When your home crag is the Red River Gorge, you regularly experience rainforest climates. Sometimes the humidity surpasses the temperature, leaving you sweating and wishing you were swimming in a lake rather than wading through the thick Kentucky air. For a long time I dealt with these poor conditions with extreme try hard and loads of chalk, like a block a day…

I first started using Rhino Skin Solutions while trying my hardest route ‘Southern Smoke’ 14c. The 70 foot route is pure power endurance, endless running on decent holds. I found it almost impossible to stop and shake anywhere, which also means my sweaty hands would go many moves without getting any chalk on them. Friends of mine told me about Rhino Skin and I quickly got some, using the Dry Spray and Performance cream religiously to dry out my skin. It helped, my hands were drier I could climb the route more efficiently and chalk up less, saving me valuable time on the wall. Since then I have been a huge fan of Rhino Skin Products.


My normal routine is:

Dry Spray -Two good sprays on both hands, two nights in a row before a big climbing day. I find that using this two nights in a row dries out my hands way more than just one night, but I try to not use it all the time because I don't want my skin to get too dry and crack.


Performance Cream- This is definitely my favorite product. I use this every almost every night before bed. I might skip a night or two every once in awhile depending how dry my hands are and how much climbing I am doing.


Repair Cream-I use the repair cream after a day of climbing. Wash the chalk off your hands and lather some on. This helps the skin grow back without having that feeling that you can’t touch anything. I like to have some waiting in the car for me.