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Stay Clean At ICF

Joshua Tree Skin Care was started on the edge of the outdoor Mecca of Joshua Tree National Park, in California and has grown into a small and active team of dedicated climbers, cyclists and all around outdoor enthusiasts who work out of Southeastern Michigan, Chicago, Arizona, and Colorado. We started with a focus specifically on the climbing community, by coming up with a solution for tears, flappers, and the major problem of skin that can’t keep up with the demands of climbing rocks. Since then we have expanded to provide products for just about every type of active lifestyle.




Our newest product, Camp Soap, is a great solution for two major problems of spending time outdoors; dirt and bugs. Camp Soap comes in a convenient 2 oz, squeeze tube and is perfect for everything at camp!

- Use it on your dog before he snuggles up in your sleeping bag.

- Clean up your dishes & gear

- Clean your stinky self.

All while helping keep the bugs away; It is loaded with essential oils, such as citronella, to fend them off while doing dishes, and long after using it!

Check out and use promo code “ICF” for 30% off.  Give our camp soap, or any of our other great natural and organic products a try to keep your skin feeling great while doing the things you love!

Just because you live the active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to smell like it!