The short answer is, no. Of course you don't HAVE to do anything. But, the remainder of this post will fill you in on some changes we've made this year and reminders/opinions as to why it would be better for you and the future of climbing in the area, if you purchase a ticket. Also, I will provide a list of what is not included in a ticket. 

First, the changes and reminders.

Over the years the ICF has grown from a small group of rag-tag locals looking for any reason to get together and lavish in the good company of like-minded vagabonds while swimming in endless bands of pitted and pocketed dolomite, to an international invitation to appreciate the community and climbing in Lander and the surrounding areas with like-minded vagabonds while swimming in endless bands of pitted and pocketed dolomite.

While attendance has grown, the Festival has held on to its core, keeping the days largely open for climbing as visitors see fit. The evenings and mornings often feature more structured events. Because we are a community oriented event and do offer a number of "free" events, it can be hard to see why you should pay $75 to come climb, listen to music, participate in comps, and events like the Art Crawl and Trade Fair. So, here is a fairly comprehensive list of things that only ticketed attendees can participate in at the ICF. Some of them have always been for ticketed attendees only, others we have put in that category this year. 

Photo: Carlos Romania Flores

Photo: Carlos Romania Flores

All Raffles - We have upped our raffle game this year, adding a grand prize raffle that will be drawn Saturday at the Keynote event. Raffles prizes will also be drawn at the evening event of each day (The Outdoor Research mini film fest, the La Sportiva Opening Party, The Scarpa Dyno Comp, and the Adidas Keynote). Raffle prizes range from new shoes and Edelrid ropes to apparel and Yakima rocket boxes filled with goodies. A ticket allows you access to these raffles. 

All Individual Competitions with Prizes - In the past this was the expectation, but was not really upheld. This includes, the Pull-up comp, The Beam Carry, The Dyno Comp, The Crate Stack etc. Competitions at booths in City Park hosted by Brands and Tug-o-war will still be open to the general public. If you buy a ticket, you can participate in these comps with larger prizes. 

New Competitions - This year we have re-vamped "Win the Festival" and added an all day long Redpoint Comp on Saturday. The prizes range from cash to $500 in pick your own Outdoor Research Gear to new ropes and quickdraws. If you bought a ticket, you can have a shot at these prizes. If you want to participate without a ticket, be advised that your results will not count and you are not eligible to win. 

Clinics and Events - Access to Clinics is for Ticketed attendees only. Free access to events like the Boulder Bash, The Outdoor Research Mini Film Festival, the Solid Rock Climbers For Christ Burrito Breakfast, and the Adidas Outdoor Keynote Speakers series and Happy Hour will be given to ticketed attendees. Individual access to these events may be purchased for varying prices between $10-$25. Priority will be given to ticketed attendees at events with limited space. Many of our events feature free food or beverage. 

***Shuttles to Clinics - As part of our attempt to decrease our footprint and maintain easy access to crags for emergency vehicles, ICF started providing shuttles to and from Clinics last year. There are a few exceptions to this so check the transportation section for details. A change to note is that on Saturday, we will be providing shuttles from Lander City Park to the Redpoint comp, Crag Breakfast, and clinics. We ask all folks headed that way for the day, to take the shuttle as no cars will be permitted on the Limestone Mnt. Road before 9am due to runners on the road. The Comp will start promptly at 9. You wouldn't want to miss the start, would you?

Swag Bag - The Festival has always handed out some amount of swag with the purchase of a ticket. In years past this has looked like a T-shrt, Free drink tokens for the opening party, $10 toward any art you purchase during the Art Crawl, 5 raffle tickets, coupons for local businesses. This year we are adding a free Buff, bars, product samples, more coupons, Joshua Tree Skincare products, Magazines, and other goods from sponsors. 

The Why.

Ok, so aside from all the awesome stuff you have access to, and a swag bag with a value of over $200 dollars worth of events, free food, and goodies, why would I say its better for the future of climbing in the area for you to purchase a ticket? Well because the ICF is a Non-profit.

Yep, we aren't just trying to bank cash for future Festivals. The ICF is a primary revenue stream for the Central Wyoming Climbers Alliance (CWCA or WyoClimbers for short. Website is currently being worked on). The money goes back into our crags in the form of: route development, re-bolting, anchor replacement, and trail work. And, into our community as: scholarships for local youth and adults, subsidies for programs that help people access climbing that otherwise would not be able to, educating the community on climbing ethics and best practices throughout the year.

Video: Alton Richardson

We are psyched the Festival is growing and that so many of you have come to care about Lander and Lander Climbing areas. But with that, we have to recognize the increased pressures we put on the areas we love so much and put more energy at other times of the year into caring for those areas.  By hosting trail days, purchasing new hardware, and educating our community throughout the year we are being stewards and creating a next generation of stewards for our climbing areas. Your purchase of a Festival ticket directly supports that cause. 

Last year the WyoClimbers subsidized climbing programs and equipment for over 120 youth, gave 4 four day "Climb the Grand" scholarships to local youth, put 685 hours of volunteer time into our crags and trails (front country and back country), and re-bolted over 70 routes.  

photo: Nathan R. Johnson. Volunteers installing Bear Boxes at the Wild Iris campground. 

photo: Nathan R. Johnson. Volunteers installing Bear Boxes at the Wild Iris campground. 

Photo: Emily Weldon. Lander, Riverton, and Wind River Indian Reservation youth on their way to their first climbing experience during the International Climbers Festival in 2016.

Photo: Emily Weldon. Lander, Riverton, and Wind River Indian Reservation youth on their way to their first climbing experience during the International Climbers Festival in 2016.

Photo: Emily Welden

Photo: Emily Welden

We love having all of you here for the Festival. We want to continue this tradition for a long long time. 2017 marks our 24th year and we hope you will join us as a ticketed attendee. Not only because we throw a really rad party and give away tons of goods from our generous sponsors, but because with your purchase of a ticket you are helping create the next generation of rock and dirt loving outdoor people who will make sure our crags are here and sustained for your future use year round. 

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What is not included with a ticket. 

Camping/ lodging

Food and Drink (although there will be some free food and drink for ticketed attendees)

Clinics with an additional Fee

Additional T-shirts or merchandise not included in Registration packet

A Dolomite Dash registration

Climbing Equipment and knowledge of Climbing Systems

CLIMBING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY that may result in serious injury or death. In attending the ICF or climbing in the Lander Area you are solely responsible for your actions, knowledge and understanding of equipment and hazards, and competence with any and all climbing systems or equipment used. Opinions concerning the technical difficulties, ratings, and protectability of climbs is subjective and may differ from your opinion and my vary from area to area. You are responsible for understanding the hazards of climbing which include but are not limited to: breaking holds, old, worn out, or unfit fixed protection, weather hazards, rock fall, inadequate or faulty protection, skill level of any climbing partner, failure of equipment, hazardous plants and wildlife in the area,  etc.

If you choose to attend the ICF or just go climbing in general you acknowledge that any plan, attempt, or climbing of a particular route, is done at your own risk. BEING A TICKETED ICF ATTENDEE DOES NOT ENSURE OR CREATE WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND. 

WARNING! CLIMBING IS DANGEROUS. DO NOT participate in the activities of the ICF unless you are an expert, have sought and obtained qualified professional instruction or guidance, are knowledgeable about the risks involved, or are willing to assume personal responsibility for all risks associated with these activities. WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND REGARDING THE CONTENTS OF THIS WEBSITE, EVENTS OF THE ICF, OR CLIMBS THAT YOU PARTICIPATE IN AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY REGARDING THE ACCURACY OR RELIABILITY OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN. This site further disclaims all responsibility for any injuries incurred by any person engaging in any activities described here or associated with the ICF. Use the information contained on this website at your own risk and do not depend on the information contained on this website for personal safety or for determining whether to attempt any climb, route, or activity described herein.