Gibbon Slacklines has loaned us some of their Slack Racks so the ICF and Lander Wyoming can participate in this Global contest!

Often Slacklining is still perceived as an activity for gifted people. The Global City Balance Challenge is an initiative with as simple plan: To prove that balance can be achieved by anyone! “It´s pretty much like learning to ride a bike” With the right approach it is achievable in a very short time and it is very rewarding plus it helps to find one´s core stability in avoiding injuries in everyday life. And once you gain the skill you don´t lose it!

The challenge for the city is to get as many people as possible to balance for 10sec on a Slackrack (10ft long and 30cm high, free standing slackline structure) in one day. By today New York, Tokyo, Munich, Lausanne, Wellington plus many more have already participated. Check out GIBBON´s website for more details: city-balance-challenge- 2017-2/

Head to the WyoClimbers booth in Lander City Park on July 14th to hop on the line and help us get just  a little closer to getting the most people on a slack line in a single day in 2017.

To learn how to slackline GIBBON has developed a free App with video tutorials on learning how to balance on a slackline, gaining skills and tricks and how to use Slacklines to stay fit. Available on Android and IOS: