Raffle tickets will be provided to ticketed attendees with their registration bag. 

Additional tickets for grand prize raffle can be purchased by ticketed attendees only. Proof of ticket will be requested. 

click here to see who is providing prizes

Raffle drawings time and place

Wed July 10th - Outdoor Research Mini Film Festival 7pm

Thursday July 11th - La Sportiva Opening Party 8pm and on

Friday July 12th - Scarpa Dyno Comp 8pm

Saturday July 13th - Adidas Keynote Speakers Series, Inn at Lander, 8pm

Grand Prize raffle - drawn at Adidas Keynote Speaker Series

2018 Included: Yakima Skybox 18, rope, draws, yeti cooler, yeti tumblars, La Sportiva clothing, Black Diamond pack, Patagonia gear, Friction chalk, and more....

Tickets will be 1 for $5 5 for $20 - can be purchased at WyoClimbers booths, cash or credit, need a Festival Ticket to participate.


Warning: Rock Climbing is Dangerous. 

All Participation in Competitions and Festival Activities is Voluntary. any risk taken is the sole responsibility of the person/s taking it. some areas listed in competitions require competence with Traditional climbing techniques and systems. Others require 4x4 access to reach. CWCA and ICF are not responsible for ensuring the competence or sound decision making of participants with regard to any event or activity listed or described here or on this website.  

Disclaimer: The auction, comps and subsequent climbing activities are completely voluntary. It is the responsibility of climbers, bidders and climbing volunteers/professionals to determine their individual suitability for the climbing activities as well as the suitability of their partners. Participants understand and agree that CWCA its officers, trustees, agents, directors, staff, employees, including volunteers and interns make no guarantee or warranty regarding other participants’ judg- ment, ability, or competence. CWCA disclaims all warranties (both express and implied) including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for particular purpose. All parties participating in this competition, auction and subsequent rock climbing activities agree that CWCA has no responsibility for the actions of any participant. Each partici- pant in this competition, auction and subsequent climbing event takes responsibility for their own actions and is responsible for making the decision to climb with any other during the day of climbing. CWCA does not require that any two individuals climb together and will return any partici- pant's donation made during the auction should an athlete or participant determine the other is not a suitable climbing partner. Remember, rock climbing includes risks. You are responsible for your own decisions.


Limestone Rodeo Red-Point Comp - 2019 Changes to the Comp Coming Soon!

Ticketed attendees only

Click here for 5.11 and up 2017 scorecard

Click here for 5.11 and under 2017 scorecard

Three Categories

5.11 and Under -Your hardest red-point to date 5.11b. You can climb 5.11b and under. 2 individuals form a team. No individual category.

1st Prize - TBA

2nd Prize - TBA

3rd Prize - TBA

5.11 and Up- Your hardest red-point to date 5.12a or above. climbs of 5.11a and up couunt Toward total team points

1st Prize - $500 cash, and TBA

2nd Prize - $250 cash, and TBA

3rd Prize - TBA

Individual Category for 5.11+ competitors - Each individuals score will be entered, one winner

One winner - $1,000 cash


register Lander City Park Friday July 13th. We are accepting: 

20 teams 5.11 and up

30 teams 5.11 and under

Official Limestone rodeo Comp Sheets will be handed out the morning of the event at:

5:30am to teams who registered the day before in Lander City Park. 

All teams must ride the shuttle. 

Comp sheets must be turned in by 4:30pm to the WyoClimbers booth in Wild Iris Crag Parking Lot before boarding the shuttle

*late sheets will not be accepted

*hand written sheets will not be accepted

*You can NOT turn your sheet in at the keynote this year. 


Rules and Other details - must take shuttle

Competitors will meet in Lander City Park by the pavillon and WyoClimbers Booth to check in and pick up comp sheet on Saturday July 14th 5:30am. Light breakfast will be available. 

Comp officially ends on Saturday July 14th 4:30pm before the Keynote Speaking Event, Inn at Lander. Comp Sheets must be turned in to the Wyoclimbers booth in the Wild Iris Crag Parking Lot on Limestone Mountain Road by 4:30pm.

 Late sheets will not be accepted.

6:30 Am we will board shuttles and head to Wild Iris Crag. Shuttles will return to City Park at 3:15, 3:45, 4:30 on this day. The Comp starts as soon as you get off the shuttle. 

Highest total score of both partners is entered into partner categories (5.11 and under or 5.11 and up). Must climb pitch for pitch. You may climb different climbs, but total number of pitches climbed must be equal (i.e. 8 and 11 pitches, highest scoring 8 pitches are team score for the area).

A route can be counted twice, once for each climbers red-point, but no more. 

Highest individual score is entered into individual category.

Points are awarded only for red-pointing a route. Two tries max on each route per person. No yo-yos: 5.11 a/b = 10 points, 5.11c/d = 15 points, 5.12a/b = 20 points, 5.12c = 25points, 5.12d = 30 points, 5.13a = 40 points, 5.13b = 45 points, 5.13c = 50 points, 5.13d = 55 points, 5.14a = 60 points

Other Comps in 2018 (2019 Comp Details Coming Soon!)



20170712_ICFORFilm_0020 AJ Dexter.jpg

OUTDOOR RESEARCH FILM SHORT - Outdoor Research is taking submissions for their Adventure Film Festival at ICF 25!

Theme: Spirit of Climbing

Length: 2-6 minutes

Deadline: May 1st

$500 gift certificate from Outdoor Research
Have their film screened at the International Climbers Festival on July 10th 2019
Have their film featured on our website

Click this link to learn more about how to submit, format, and details on prizes!


Boulder Denim and Butora - Boulder Bash Photo shoot

Boulder Denim is giving away 5 pairs of free Jeans and a photo shoot at the Boulder Bash! The winners will also get a new pair of Butora shoes!

Click here to enter! Boulder Denim hosts this drawing.
Must be registered Festival Attendee to win. 


Climbing Magazine - Writers competition

Climbing Magazine is taking submissions! This is your chance to be published. 

Theme: Think globally, act locally as an outdoor enthusiast
Length: 500 words
Deadline: July 3rd
Prizes: Published in Climbing Magazine, have your piece read at ICF's keynote event, Edelrid Boa Eco 60m and 5 bulletproof quickdraws!
How to enter: https://www.climbing.com/news/wyoming-climbing-festivals-writing-competition/

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.26.23 PM.png

get the shot with scarpa - festival long competition

Rules: Take your best photo, upload to Instagram and tag #ICF25SCARPA

Scarpa team will judge on composition, uniqueness, quality

Bonus points: Costumes, Scarpa Footwear

Winner announced: July 20th 

Winner gets: choice of any Scarpa rock shoe, any Scarpa approach shoe, Buff, t-shirt, trucker hat, other Scarpa goodies.

ICF Opening Party -Snavely-10 (1).jpg


Thursday July 12th - 7pm Sign up 7:30 - 9pm - Pull up comp -Ticketed attendees only

LA SPORTIVA AND CLIMBSTRONG PULL UP COMP- opening party at the Lander Bar. 

Stop by the WyoClimbers Booth from 7pm to 7:30 to sign up. First 15 sign ups in Youth, Mens, Womens categories will compete

Strict Pull - ups monitored by the folks at ClimbStrong

One chance to perform your highest number of reps

Prize - La Sportiva shoes

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.43.42 PM.png

Edelrid Belay Safe - Friday Give Away - Starts at 2pm

Get a FREE BELAY DEVICE:      Stop by the EDELRID booth to learn more about their “BelaysAFe” Program and offering of geometry assisted braking devices. 

The first 25 attendees who turn in their current belay device to the EDELRID booth and mention code-word “SafeAF” will get a free, brand-spankin’-new, geometry assisted, MegaJul or Jul2!  

EDELRID “BelaySafe”: We put the AF in safe!


Friday July 13th - Trade Fair lander City Park - 2pm -6pm

Crate stacking - sign up at the WyoClimbers booth. First 10 in Mens and Womens (this includes youth) will compete. Comp begins at 3:00pm

Ticketed attendees only

Beam Carry - sign up at the WyoClimbers booth. First 10 in Mens, Womens, and Youth will compete. Comp begins at 3:30

Ticketed attendees only

Table Bouldering With ORGANIC CLIMBING - sign up at the WyoClimbers booth. First 10 in Mens, Womens (this includes youth) will compete. Will be held at the Organic Booth starts at 4pm. 

Ticketed attendees only

Edelrid Rope Coiling Contest - A Festival Tradition! This is ongoing during the Trade Fair. Head to the Edelrid booth to see how fast you can coil a rope! Winner gets a new rope. 

Guess the weight with Weigh My Rack - Stop by their booth to take a guess and win big

More comps, mini raffles, and give aways happening at other booths as well - Over 45 brands participating!

Friday July 13th - Trade Fair lander City Park - 6pm-8:30pm Scarpa Dyno Comp -Ticketed attendees only

Sign up at the WyoClimbers Booth any time during the Trade Fair. Mens, Womens, and Youth category

First 12 in each category will be entered. One winner each category

Raffle prize drawings, free swag, good people, Scarpa hosts. Come cheer on the competitors or compete yourself!